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Since creating HTML pages it not my main interest, don't expect any fancy graphical stuff here. This page is made to be informative rather than entertaining.

Work home page That's my company Axivion (supplying you with the solution against Software Erosion).
Posaunenchor This is the trombone band where I play (Sickenhausen-Degerschlacht).
Software for RISC OS Download page for the software I have (or have not) written for the RISC OS.
GnuPG page My GnuPG for RISC OS port.
FontDir Pro Online resources for FontDir Pro (incl 32-bit version).
Amadeus To MusicXML Amadeus to MusicXML Converter.
Studies page Some things I've done during my studies (most things in German only, sorry).
ThinkPad T60 Debian GNU/Linux (sid) on the IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60 notebook.
HP XT 1000 Debian GNU/Linux (sid) on the HP Omnibook XT 1000 notebook.
Epia SN-10000EG Debian GNU/Linux (sid) on the VIA Epia SN-10000EG.
Epia CL-6000 Debian GNU/Linux (sid) on the VIA Epia Eden CL-6000.
SonyEricsson P900 Debian GNU/Linux (sid) with the SonyEricsson P900.
Iceland 2008 Tour route of the Iceland trip 2008 (JavaScript necessary), photos are on the photos site.
Canada 2002 Travelog (in German only) of my trip to Canada in 2002, the photos are international however.
My Photos Photos I took now and then.
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